DREAM #21 – Are these dreams? can Alien’s message you in your sleep? Define “Truth”

So last night I stayed up watching Alien disclosure stories on youtube. Sometimes I can get paranoid by all the stuff I watch but most of the time I laugh because of the… Continue reading

Today’s imagination – 5 medical inventions of the future by Joseph C.G.

Here’s some food for thought since I’ve never given the future of medical instrumentation a ponder. Maybe one day you’ll see these in a Sci-Fi movie. 5 medical inventions of the future: 1. 3D… Continue reading

New Robotic species that can manipulate its visual identity

Right before dozing off to bed two nights ago I had this strange visual image. I saw a human like figure with a head that had some unknown technological capabilities. It was definitely a… Continue reading

My colonized spaced out ideas – (3D printed railroads and cubic acreage self designed floating islands)

Someday you’ll step outside in the dusk night and see the skies lit up with scribbled lines. This time in the future man will have pioneered through space and set the mark to… Continue reading

Microphone Gel – Electric liquid anomaly – Imagination & Invention of the day

Designed for counter surveillance, espionage tasks or co-opt insertions – meet my new creation “microphone gel”.  Imagine a transparent liquid substance you can rub on your hands and smear across any surface such… Continue reading

“A moon just for you!” Imagination & invention of the day (PROJECT HALO)

Imagine a personal flying drone that can follow you anywhere and everywhere, your robotic shadow per say. What if it had the capability to project 3D Animated directions transparently in front of you?… Continue reading

Welcome to the enchanted energy showers! a quest to unlock the guided path of sacred knowledge

In a world filled with negative influences imposed by egotistical sadistic savages, big brother is watching you! If you have become a victim of passing through negative vortex fields and have noticed a re-occurrence… Continue reading

DREAM #20 Programmable metallic putty – you can tell it to do anything.

This dream is similar to the movie fluber –  I had it last year yet I’m still determined to turn it into a larger story and picture of some sort. I remember it… Continue reading

Androids controlled in a virtual invoirment by humans on earth

Imagine having a choice to work on your planet physically or a different one virtually? Imagine that planet over populated with androids remotely controlled by humans from earth. Imagine the earth ending and… Continue reading

kinetically Powered by sound frequency.

Imagine a light bulb connected to a microphone! that’s Right, a microphone you can sing or talk into. Imagine turning that light bulb on by any sound that microphone picks up? do you… Continue reading